Striking, Double Druzy-Quartz Stone, 36″ Necklace


Beautiful, 36″ Long, Gold-Plated, chain with a Double Druzy-Quartz pendant

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Beautiful, Double Druzy-Quartz stone pendant on a long, Gold Plated Chain. Looks great worn alone or layered with a choker. The long chain is tending today they say but my mother tells me long necklaces and chains have been popular for as long as she can remember and she assures me they will be popular for a long time. She guarantees it!

Each necklace is made with two Druzy-Quartz pendants attached by a gold plated loop, hanging freely from a nice size 2mm, Cable Link, gold plated chain. This necklace is available in four different color combinations.

  1. Dark Green and Green
  2. Dark Pink and Light Pink
  3. Dark Blue and Orange-Peach
  4. Dark Pink and Green
  • The stones measure approximately 1′ x 3/4″ each
  • 36″,  Gold-plated chain, Cable link chain



A Druzy is a set of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of another stone. There are many types of Druzy each type has particular characteristics, such as crystal size, luster and color. Quartz is one of the most common Druzy types because of the prevalence of silica throughout the world. 
How to Care and Clean your Druzy
Druzy Quartz, are both hard and relatively tough, but even then, they’re not damage-proof.  It is important to remember they are a group of tiny crystals that grew out of a mineral matrix before you embark on cleaning your Druzy.
Make a bath of warm soapy water using a moisturizer free dishwashing liquid like Dawn. Commercial Jewelry Cleaning solutions also works well. Swirl the druzy through the water, or let it soak for ten minutes if especially dirty. Do not use brushes on coated stones–the abrasion isn’t worth the risk.  
Rinse with room temperature distilled water in tap water has mineral deposits that dull the sparkle of the druzy.  
Pat dry the bottom and side of the settings and allow stone to air dry.

* length is customizable

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Dark Green / Green, Dark Pink / Pink, Dark Blue / Orange-Peach, Dark Pink / Green